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Writer responds to ‘losing independence’ editorial


I can’t believe I’m responding to Charlie Prince’s 4th of July editorial re: Independence and the Affordable Health Care Act, AKA ObamaCare.

I already have my health insurance, so I certainly don’t want 30 million deadbeats who “choose” not to buy insurance to enter the system and compete with me for service. I say, a) Let ‘em do without and perhaps die prematurely. b) Drive 50-100 miles to a “free” health care clinic (which are few and far between) once every 4-5 years, c) Go to the local emergency room and get “free” treatment (the cost of which is passed on to the rest of us) while interfering with legitimate emergencies.

Incidentally, I and about 48 million other seniors have Medicare which is “controlled” by the Government, but I don’t see any great rush of seniors leaving the system. From what little I know, seniors overwhelmingly like and approve of their Medicare even though some Teapartiers want the Government to “keep their hands off.” ( I wonder how that would work.)

But wait! I have a proposal. Everyone who owns a car is required by law to buy liability insurance (there goes one of our freedoms); but to take care of those who “choose” not to buy it, the rest of us pay a special premium called Uninsured Motorist Coverage (check your policy). I don’t hear anyone complaining about that extra premium, so why don’t we just add a special premium to our health care policy and call it Uninsured Beneficiary Coverage. And Voila! a) No one has to do without and die early. b) The “free” health care clinics can close and save somebody a bunch of money. c) The hospitals can deal fairly with legitimate emergencies instead of providing “free” service which the rest of us pay for.

We certainly don’t want to be like Europe and most other advanced societies that “give” all their citizens access to health care. In America we take responsibility and pay our own way. That should make Gov. Romney happy and perhaps let Pres Obama keep his job for another four years.

Haldane Jackson
Harbor Hills

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