2012-07-07 / News

Holman gets zoning post

By Charles Prince

JACKSONTOWN - John Holman is the new Licking Township Zoning Inspector.

Trustees unanimously appointed Holman to the post Monday night after spending about an hour in executive or closed session interviewing the three resident candidates. A total of five candidates applied to replace Joe Walker, with trustees opting to interview township resident candidates first.

Holman takes over immediately for Walker who decided to step down after having cardiac surgery late last year. Holman was previously appointed in February 2009, to compete the final 10 months of Joe Cooper’s term as trustee after Cooper moved to Tennessee. In November, Holman came in third in a four-person race for two fouryear trustee positions. Ron Acord bested Holman by about 100 votes to return to the board after a two-year absence for his seventh term. Holman previously served the Lakewood school community as a member and president of the Lakewood School Board in the 1990’s.

In other business Monday night, Fire Chief Mike Wilson said the company had been very busy since Friday afternoon’s storm. He thanked members for their long hours and commitment to the community.

The fire company’s 95-foot communication tower at the No. 1 station was destroyed in the wind storm. Wilson believes a large door blown off the township’ salt storage building collided with the tower at about the 50 foot mark causing it to bend nearly in half. The tower knocked down the station’s power supply lines, but didn’t sever the supply line. When power was restored to the area, the station could still get power though the line was on the ground and tangled up in the tower structure.

The loss of the tower made communication difficult Friday night. At various times, communication was routed through Perry County, Newark Fire and Licking Memorial Hospital. Wilson said the company helped both the Heath and Newark fire departments keep vehicles running Friday night. Neither department could assess diesel fuel tanks due to the power outage. Township fighters jerry-rigged an extension cord to the township’s diesel storage tank pump and then used a generator off a rescue truck to pump about 100 gallons each of diesel fuel for both departments.

Wilson said an adjuster looked at the tower on Monday and he was aggressively seeking three bids to replace it and the station’s power supply. At President Joe Hart’s suggestion, trustees unanimously authorized Wilson to award contracts based on the bids he receives.

Wilson said the company got some heat-related medical calls over the weekend. Several of the callers needed cooler conditions, but not hospitalization. That prompted Wilson and Captain Mike Harris to set up a cooling station at the No. 1 fire station. Jacksontown United Methodist Church quickly agreed to serve as a backup should the station run out of room. A few residents took advantage of the last-minute cooling center. Wilson urged residents suffering from the heat now or in the future to call the department at 323-0211.

Wilson reported that the company made 94 runs in June - 76 medical runs, 17 fire and one dive. Year-to-date runs now total 463.

Trustees unanimously favored the short version for the ballot language for the one mill fire replacement levy. That decision was the final step to place the issue on the November 6 ballot. The levy is currently raising $125,700 a year. Returning the effective rate to its original one mill, would bring in an additional $5,600 a year. If voters approve, the additional revenue would start being collected in 2014.

Wilson also reported that the company has been awarded a $4,500 Ohio EMS grant that can be used for EMS training and equipment. The grant program is funded by fines levied for seat belt violations.

Road supervisor Steve Patterson reported that closures are still in effect at three locations: Ryan Road, Avondale at Coshocton in Avondale and Westview Place in Edgewater Beach. Trustees thanked the road department for their hard work, clearing and opening up roads after the wind storm.

Trustees’ next regular meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. on Monday, July 16, at the Licking Township Fire Company Station 3 on Jacksontown Road (Ohio 13).

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