2012-07-07 / Editorials & Letters

What the h*##? Please respect our lake!


It has come to our attention that several of our neighbors are watering their lawns with water out of the lake. While for some, this practice has been going on for years, the current dry conditions might suggest that a little brown on the lawn may be better than lowering the lake level anymore than Mother Nature is doing through normal evaporation. The lake is currently down a little over six inches from normal summer pool.

Recently, someone in Watkins Harbor sprayed some toxic substance on the water lilies in that area. While it turned all of the leaves brown and released some of the plants to float to other areas of the lake, the damage that could have been done to the lake environment was a big price to pay for removing a nuisance in the harbor. There are better ways to remove the unwanted plants that do not involve the use of these chemicals, but it involves a lot more effort than just pumping the spray bottle. You need to remove the entire plant, including the tuber in the sediment and over time, you can rid the area of the unwanted vegetation.

Now that I am on a roll, Thank You very much to the individual who weeded his flower beds last weekend and then proceeded to take several armloads of brush to the shoreline and throw it all in the lake! Some people treat Buckeye Lake as their private dump. While the rest of us are doing everything we can to save the lake, a few people are still living in “la-la” land without a care in the world and continue to abuse the lake as if it will be here forever.

For 180 years, we have flushed, dumped, sprayed, and thrown every imaginable thing into Buckeye Lake and now, today, wonder why the lake is not as clean as it should be. It is time to come to the realization that the lake will not survive if we don’t take care of it.

Just a little common sense mixed with a reasonable amount of care and the lake will be fine. Your property values will reward you for your efforts.

Merv Bartholow
Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow

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