2012-07-07 / Editorials & Letters

Tory says best ever BLASST


OMG was that the best show ever? Is it just me? Hamburg Fireworks, Mike Jolly (our shooter) and Ken Sprague (owner) and what looked like a 30-man crew outdid their selves this year. The music ended when the fireworks did. They gave us what looked like to me three finales for $40,000.

Most of the fireworks crew didn’t have electric at home. Chaos everywhere, but nothing stops Hamburg or their loyalty to Buckeye Lake and BLASST. They babysat those fireworks for four days through two storms and in that heat with nary a shade tree insight.

I LOVED my flag display gentlemen!!!!!! Our flag... may it become more and more respected along with those who service this country.

God is good and I was so relaxed. I’m crying over my thankfulness for everyone who did all your jobs before, during and after the show. It takes well over 100 people in maybe eight departments to get this done and many were volunteers. Is this lake blessed or what?

To my JOY everyone except Hamburg Fireworks and The Beacon is replaceable, including me and former Regional Park Manager Tim Waln. He called to check on us from his new job in Florida. He truly loved our annual show.

Tim asked me to say hi for him to everyone that he worked with and met over the years at Buckeye Lake. He misses us, but he made the right choice - palm trees, beautiful weather and about one quarter the responsibilities at his new park.

This community welcomes Hal Harper and Jason Wesley; this was one BIG hump to get over. To my knowledge, it was a smooth day amidst total chaos from the electric outage.

I want to thank Buckeye Lake Marina and especially Terry Dupler, not (Daapler) as it was pronounced on the radio, for all her hard work. She did it with the help of friends who love the lake and did it well, very well. Next year there will be t-shirts and luminaries to add to the job. She will need the help of those good friends and you all know who you are and how to getter-done. Thank you all!

I had the pleasure of having both Merv Bartholow and Charlie Prince and Merv Bartholow on my boat (no barge this year). In my usual annual talk with God; he and I agreed that with three people who cared so much about our golden pond there wasn’t a chance for foul weather. In fact it was absolutely beautiful out on the water Tuesday night and without a doubt the best BLASST for me in years. From my perspective, just let me say THANK YOU to the donors and the working folks alike. It was perfection in a unperfect world.

Victoria Wolfe
West Bank

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