2012-06-23 / Editorials & Letters

Who would enforce neuter/ spay law?


First, nowhere in my letter about the stray cats suggest that I would personally harm or kill a cat, but there are people who would. I am not the problem with them nor the solution.

So what makes you think a neuter and spay law is going to help the strays now, that are scrounging for food and possibly dying slowly from cat diseases? This is animal cruelty at its best. Tell me who is going to enforce this law? Responsible pet owners already do that; irresponsible pet owners will not, just like some people do not obey any laws. They will get cute cuddly little kittens and throw them out when they are no longer cute and cuddly little kittens. I tried to find a solution, but it looks like I just got shot down and was accused of animal cruelty.

I have contacted the Humane Society several times to see if I could bring them in and I was told there was no room for them. Later it was suggested that the cost would be $20 for each cat I brought in. So, I just gave up. That is why I suggested taking them to Bonnie Mansfield. Go ahead and send the police to me and I will let them search my home for any weapons, poisons, etc. I would be happy to comply.

If I am the kind of person you think I am, I would not have suggested to the neighbor that I would pay to have his female spayed just to keep the males away. She is a nice cat and doesn’t deserve to be bred over and over and having more litters that will eventually be running free and adding to the problem. That would be my only contribution to the problem, enough said, thank you!

G. Wolfe

Buckeye Lake

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