2012-06-16 / Editorials & Letters

Let’s work together to deal with strays


I read G. Wolfe’s letter in The Beacon and felt the need to respond.

I can understand folks’ frustrations over problems with stray animals as I have had my share through the years too. Menacing stray dogs, barking dogs, deer and raccoons ripping up newly planted gardens, birds trying to nest in awning and ‘dumping’ all over porches, chairs and cars, and people dumping their unwanted animals on others’ property. But criticizing Bonnie Mansfield and others who are trying to find humane solutions to these issues is not the answer. After all, it isn’t the fault of the animals that some people are not responsible pet owners. (For the record, I don’t know Bonnie Mansfield.)

Maybe we (myself included) should channel that frustration into positive ways to deal with stray animals in a humane way. After all, animals are just trying to survive in a people-infested world. Also for the record, some feral cats can be domesticated – I know from personal experience.

Shirley Neel

Buckeye Lake

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