2012-06-09 / Editorials & Letters

Property taxes are up 50 percent in five years


I want Lakewood School District residents to know that children have been sent out to ask for donations to the football team.

For all you Kool-Aid drinkers out there, let me remind you of what happened. Lakewood needed more money in a new levy or your children would be dumber. School sports would be defunded along with other programs. Busing would be cut back and in fact was.

So voters approved an additional 10 mill levy. Since then, the school has reported progress in Math. Reading and Writing. The latter two really are not needed because of computers and I-Pads. I wonder why I had to learn to read and write? We had typewriters.

I saw the progress just yesterday. Our community has a No Solicitation sign. My property has a Beware of Dogs sign. Perhaps the signs should have read “OMG;NS&BFD!@*$#!!! That’s progress.

Let me put this into perspective. I have lived here for five years. In that time, our property taxes have gone up 50%. If a levy was not passed, the county auditor would raise the property value. So, a levy was passed. Then last fall, we were informed of what our property taxes were. Then in January of this year, properties were re-assessed and values increased.

Keep in mind, most folks are under water with their mortgages. That means you can not sell your property for what you owe on it. But you will pay what they think it is worth even if it isn’t. And they included a little clause indicating that you can not appeal it because they do not assess property values based on real estate methods. Double whammy.

So, all you BA; MA and PhD educators out there. Enjoy your top shelf libations after work. You must be real proud for your community. Good Job.

David L. Kenmir

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