2012-04-21 / News

Granville Township begins EMS billing

By Scott Rawdon

UNION TOWNSHIP – Both fire departments serving Union Township will soon be billing for EMS transports.

The Granville Township Fire Department, which covers the portion of the township north of the railroad, will begin EMS billing, Granville Township Fire Chief Jeff Hussey told trustees April 2. “Obviously, it’s tough times for all of us,” said Hussey, adding that EMS billing would provide the department with much needed revenue. Hussey hopes the EMS billing revenue will allow the department hold current contract prices for a while.

Hussey said billing for township residents will be “soft billing,” or a collection of insurance receipts only. There’s no balance billing or co-pay, there are no charges for uninsured residents, and there’s a provision for waiver in case of hardship. For nonresidents, there will be collection of insurance proceeds. The department will bill for balance or co-pay (this equates to a user fee for non-residents), and there will be no collections. Unpaid bills will be written off.

Hussey expects EMS billing to generate $187,000 per year gross revenue from its entire service area. Net revenue would be about $150,000 per year after administration expenses.

Hussey said Ohio law now requires all that net EMS billing revenue goes to the service provider. That means the months of squabbling between trustees and Hebron official as to how the revenue won’t be repeated.

Wednesday, Trustee Rick Black said trustees would allow the Granville Township department to collect EMS billing in its service area in Union Township. In other township news:

• April 2, resident Joan Settina said the Beaver Run Road and Thornwood Drive intersection is “like a washboard,” and asked trustees if it is going to be resurfaced anytime soon.

“That intersection is really unique,” said Trustee President John Slater. “It’s moving.” He said the intersection is slated to be repaved this summer in cooperation with the City of Heath. “It’s our hope the washboarding will go away,” said Slater.

Settina also asked if the trustees could place a sign on Ohio 37 to discourage trucks from using loud engine brakes. She said someone from ODOT told her to talk to the trustees about it.

Slater said Ohio 37 is a state route and outside the township’s jurisdiction. “I can’t understand why they’re telling you that,” he said.

• Township Administrator Paula Greene said Cargill, the township’s road salt supplier, has stopped making deals to store contracted but unused salt. The township is on the hook for 350 tons. She said a local paving company is interested in 100 tons, but it still leaves 250 tons. Greene said Cargill charges $15 per ton of salt to move it. The township’s salt bin can’t hold 250 tons.

“Sounds like we need to get cracking,” said Slater. It’s probably time to meet with someone, select a site and a size, and build a storage structure as quickly as possible, he added. He estimated the cost at $15,000 to $25,000.

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