2012-04-21 / Editorials & Letters

Former mayor questions motive


In the early 1990’s, I was the mayor of Hebron and we were trying to hire our first village administrator. Council’s personnel committee had interviewed several candidates and had narrowed their choices to two men - one a life-long Hebron resident (Rick Orr) and a gentleman from the Millersport area. When council and I began discussions on the why and who, then council member Cliff Mason was adamant that we hire someone from outside of Hebron. He was worried and complained about the good ole boys syndrome and that we needed an outside person to tell our little town how we should run after all those years. After all the discussion, I hired Mr. Orr.

Now approximately 18 years later, Mayor Cliff Mason asked village council to consider him for the open position of administrator. Gee, if it was a bad idea 18 years ago, how did it get to be a great plan now? It looks to me like most of the players in Hebron are the same or similar to 18 years ago, so the good ole boys theory does not hold water anymore. Now I read where Cliff may ask council to consider him again for the second time after he was not comfortable enough to appoint any of the candidates council presented to him after two separate rounds of interviewing candidates.

So, let me say this, I have NO entry in this dog and pony show anymore, but my bet is that Cliff has enough time in (approx. 32yrs.) to retire from the fire service and only being slightly past 50 years old, he wants this administrator’s job to ride for a few more years. CAN YOU SAY DOUBLE DIPPING?

Jim Eppley
Ft. Myers, Fl.

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