2012-04-14 / Editorials & Letters

Stop ignoring stop signs


I have lived in Cranberry Bay for a few years now and it still amazes me how drivers have NO regard for the stop signs located at the corner of East Street at Union Avenue, the intersection of eastbound Union Avenue at East Street and northbound Anchors Way at Union Avenue. Nor for how they must accelerate to see how fast they can go, in the short stretch of road, from Union Aveue/East Street to Anchors Way/Union Avenue or vice versa.

We have children playing, disabled senior citizens and other community members walking their pets in our lovely village.

My vehicle was almost hit last summer by a red golf cart, containing a woman driver and a small passenger dog, coming off East Street onto Union Aveue, not even pausing/yielding, at the stop sign for her lane of travel. I had no stop sign to turn right from Union Aveue onto East Street, but had to stop/yield for the oncoming red bullet. I have almost been hit by many other vehicles turning off of East Street onto Union Aveue as I am leaving Cranberry Bay. I believe drivers coming into Cranberry Bay forget there is NO stop sign for the right turn from Union Avenue onto East Street.

Perhaps we need to check into getting flashing stop signs to place at these intersections and consider some speed control barriers, AKA speed bumps, for this short stretch, before an accident occurs or worse yet a life is lost.

I do not fault Buckeye Lake Police Department as I have seen them sit near these intersections(not much place for them to “hide”) and even make a few traffic stops. I have considered video myself, to “catch” and warn the guilty, of the safety threat to our community members.

Jennifer Graham
Concerned Cranberry Bay resident

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