2012-03-10 / News

Cooperrider clears first hurdle

By Scott Rawdon

NEW LEXINGTON – Former Perry County Commissioner Thad Cooperrider, a Republican, will face incumbent Perry County Commissioner Ed Keister, a Democrat, in November after Cooperrider emerged with a clear win against rivals James E. Brown and James F. Myer in- Tuesday’s primary election.

According to unofficial election results, Cooperrider tallied 1,685 votes, besting Brown with 1,152 votes and Myer with 567. Keister, who ran unopposed, garnered 1,651 votes.

“Let’s get the county headed in the right direction,” said Cooperrider, who thanked those who voted for him. Cooperrider, who served as commissioner from 2001 to 2008, said he truly enjoyed running with the other candidates, who ran clean campaigns. “I needed to take a break from politics,” he said, but now he’s “ready to get back at it.”

As incumbent Commissioner Fred Shriner will not run for another term in November, Republican Lloyd E. Harley, who ran unopposed and received 2,615 votes, will face Democrat James O’Brien who bested four opponents for the Democratic nomination. O’Brien garnered 869 votes, edging out opponents Todd Shafer with 522 votes, Jeremy Seals with 407, Bill Gilligan with 391, and Michael Trovato with 345.

O’Brien could not be reached for comment.

Democratic Perry County Recorder candidate Jackie Hoover won against Democratic challenger Amy Beck-Cody 1,367 votes to 1,152. “We’ll be back in November,” said Hoover, when she’ll face Republican Ashly Heavener, ran unopposed and received 2,388 votes. Hoover said she’ll continue her role as a clerk in the recorder’s office as she looks forward to the general election.

Republican Perry County Treasurer candidate Ron Baker won handily over rival Larry Rentschler, 1,879 votes to 1,229. Baker will face Democratic incumbent treasurer Melissa Walters, who ran unopposed and received 2,034 votes.

Voter turnout was light, as 6,475 of 23,974 registered Perry County voters, or 27.01 percent, cast ballots.

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