2012-03-10 / Editorials & Letters

Laker star scores more than points


As a school board member I often hear and read about the negative events that go on in school. It seems it is easier to write about how bad things are in our school community than to find the good.

I want to tell you about a special young man and why his parents and siblings should be proud of the person he has become. A week after Alton Frizzel celebrated scoring 1,000 points in his high school career for the Millersport Lakers, he scored more points as human being. Alton went to Coach Mike Washburn before Senior Recognition Night and asked him to take down a sign honoring Alton for his success. Alton’s told Coach Washburn that the sign should come because the evening belonged to all the seniors.

Alton also took the time to write letters to all the senior players thanking them for their support and telling them how much he was going to miss them. No one including his family knew about the letters. I got to read the one he wrote to my son and the letter is priceless and a keeper. Long after basketball is over, Alton’s character, caring attitude and his thoughtfulness will score more points in the game of life and have a greater impact on our community than any basketball game. This is a great place to live with good people as residents.

Vince Popo
Lieb’s Island

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