2012-02-25 / Editorials & Letters

Kiger endorses Vandervoort


I wish to offer my endorsement to Prosecutor Terre Vandervoort for Fairfield County Prosecutor.

My endorsement is rather unusual in that originally I voted for her opponent in the appointment process in May because he promoted his experience as the better choice. Since then in my role as Commissioner, I have had the opportunity to observe and experience her opponent as Prosecutor and as chief legal adviser for the county. I have also observed her opponent’s leadership style which, in my opinion, is becoming increasingly divisive and intimidating. His judgment on expenditures, his conflict with the Board of Elections, and his lashing out at other public officials is not beneficial to our County. I believe Fairfield County needs the experience and leadership that Terre Vandervoort has demonstrated over her 20 years as prosecutor and elected official.

Terre Vandervoort has been before the Board of Commissioners on many contentious matters and has maintained a diplomatic demeanor and never accused other officials of wrong doing simply because they opposed her or her position.

Ms. Vandervoort has the support of law enforcement because of her tough stance as a prosecutor and because of her ability to lead her office and law enforcement through the ever shifting issues our county is confronting. It is indeed Terre Vandervoort’s criminal and legal experience that our county needs and it is without a doubt her leadership skills that we most desperately need.

Please join me in supporting Terre Vandervoort for County Prosecutor.

Mike Kiger
Fairfield County Commissioner

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