2012-02-25 / Editorials & Letters

Franklin Township levies questioned


Another levy proposal is on the March 6 ballots. Are you ready to pay MORE real estate taxes ?

Did you know that there was a $5.00 tax added to your vehicle license plate costs in 2011 without a public vote ???

Just over two years ago, fire levy revenue was used to remodel the firehouse kitchen/meeting room. Was that necessary spending of tax levy funds ??? Currently, tax revenues for the 2012 + fire department contracts exist. Can we justify another two mill levy at this time ? We contract with City of Heath and National Trail for fire/ EMS. Did you know they charge you a separate billing “on top of “ what you already pay on your levied real estate taxes if they transport you for medical treatment? Did you know that funds were spent in 2011 to make a special ball batting cage for “some people” at the old school house? Bet you didn’t !

However, there may not be enough funding for our road repairs and other road projects. The Franklin Township. Concerned Citizens group requested that the fire levy be further justified and road funding be adequate for necessary projects. We need our township trustees to maximize every dollar they have in reserve and justify all future funding.

Tax levies for fire, roads and schools are paid by property owners. Citizens out of work or on fixed/low incomes are finding it hard to pay more taxes. Medical, energy and other costs are increasing daily. Can YOU pay more unjustified taxes ???


Charles O. Tisdale Sr., Co-chair
Franklin Township Concerned Citizens

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