2012-02-25 / Editorials & Letters

‘Forced annexation’ draws fire


A couple of good friends emailed me to ask if I’d read last week’s Beacon yet, suggesting I do so immediately. While reading the Millersport Council story, I stopped dead in my tracks when I got to the part about forced annexation.

It seems Millersport is having some financial problems and a suggested way to get out of it is to annex the 700 - 800 homes outside the village limits whether we like it or not. As Mr. Munday put it, “forced annexation has been upheld by the Supreme Court of Ohio.”

Council members are going to be discussing this over the next three months while many of the snowbirds are still gone. The best is Mr. Munday will be leading the special committee but his already stated comment is all telling.

Far be it from me to point out that lake front residents are still paying outrageous taxes on houses that have fallen in value when many of us have never had a child in the Millersport school system. When someone plans to force even more money out of my pockets, you get my full negative attention.

Now to be honest, I would love to have the Millersport Police Department available to me and my West and North Bank neighbors because we have problems. However; if it is forced on us at an unreasonable price; I’m pretty sure the rejection will be swift and harsh. My hope is that all Millersport officials will promise in print that nothing will be forced on anyone.

God bless America.

Victoria Wolfe
West Bank/Florida

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