2012-02-25 / Editorials & Letters

Bowman supported for Clerk of Courts


Like most voters, I like to make a decision before I go to the polls on how I will cast my vote. So I check out each candidate as much as I can and decide which one would be the best pick. I look at their record and possibly any fact that might sway me one way or another.

In the race for the Fairfield County Clerk of Courts, I found some interesting facts. The public record shows that the incumbent has made some notable blunders. She unethically required her employees from the title office to contribute to her campaign. She admitted this to be true and it went unpunished. It also reveals a misuse of county issued credit cards. Not to mention missing funds that has not been accounted for.

Sometimes the arrogance of public officials cannot be ignored. Have you every driven by the title office in Pickerington? The sign out front along Rt 256 reads “DEBORAH SMALLEY AUTO TITLE”. When the elected official of an office demands top billing over the office she serves it is time for her to go.

The opposition in this race is an honest, ethical and qualified leader. He is a retired fire captain, and a longtime Fairfield County resident. No negatives to make you question his integrity. So I will cast my vote for John Bowman for Fairfield County Clerk of Courts. Let’s put honesty back in this office.

Joseph Sandbrink

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