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Thornville Police Chief will keep post

By Scott Rawdon

THORNVILLE- Thornville Police Chief Darrell Ball will retain his position with the village following a January 23 incident.

The Fairfield County SWAT team was called to his house on a possible suicide threat. “It was a third party type of a report of a threat,” said Sgt. Jared Collins of the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office. “It was a precautionary measure for SWAT to go.”

Collins was clear that there was no suicide attempt on Ball’s part and Ball, 46, faces no charges. Collins said once contact was made with Ball, he was fully cooperative with authorities.

According to a police report, Amanda resident Amy Ball called the sheriff’s department at 8:48 a.m. Jan. 23, requesting police to come to Darrell Ball’s Stoutsville home in response to a suicide threat. Ball was taken to Fairfield Medical Center for evaluation following the incident.

Mayor Gavin Renner said Thornville Village Council members decided Ball could keep his position based on his outstanding service to the community. Tuesday, Renner issued the following news release: “Council met in executive session on Monday, Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. We presented facts that were gathered over the week including information from the village’s insurance provider and the village solicitor. We also discussed the known circumstances surrounding the incident. After leaving the executive session we decided that Chief Ball will remain the police chief for the Village of Thornville in consideration of his exemplary service to the village and based on information received that there is no extra liability or associated costs to the village. As this is a personal medical issue, diagnosis, treatment and recovery are outside the village’s jurisdiction for comment.

“Chief Ball has requested paid time-off. His request has been granted considering he has plenty of time accrued. During his absence we’ll be looking to our auxiliary police officers under the guidance of Captain Rick Saunders to ensure that the village has adequate coverage. This is in-line with village policy for any employee who takes time off. As with all village employees, we’ll continue to monitor the chief’s job performance and support his efforts as best we can.

“On a personal note I’ve been struck by the outpouring of support and concern from area residents for Chief Ball’s well-being as well as offers of support from Perry County Sheriff Barker and other nearby communities. I believe this reflects the fact that Chief Ball has not only been a great asset to this community but that he is an outstanding individual, respected by his peers.”

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