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Watkins’ elections complaint dismissed


Last week I was a witness at an Ohio Elections Commission “probable cause” hearing, Case #2012E-001. It was held concerning a complaint submitted by no other then “ex” Bowling Green Township Trustee Donald Watkins. He alleged that duly elected Township Trustee Jeff Chorpenning violated ORC 3517.21 section 10.

Get a load of this. Watkins stated in his complaint that, “I believe that these false and inaccurate statements degraded my reputation and character, as well as cost me the re-election.” I had to laugh when I read that one, since that is like, “The Pot calling the Kettle black.” Watkins has done more verbal assassinations of residents and made false and inaccurate statements during public meetings no less, than you can even count. My thought is that he truly believes that if he says something enough times, then it just becomes a fact. WRONG...Mr. Watkins!

Watkins’ main points concerned alleged editorial comments and statements that Chorpenning had made. The main one had to do with his....YES....the big issue, the “illegal” Medicare reimbursement issue. There was also the “trash hauler” contract and the payment of “volunteers”. But now Watkins had to get up and PROVE his case before the members of the Commission. No longer could he just state it and thus make it true like he did regularly at trustee meetings. That is where he really showed his stuff!

He told the board all about what HE had done, that HE basically did it all for 30 years. The cleaning, the fund raising, the mowing, etc.! Basically he made it sound like the township’s “all volunteer” Park Committee did absolutely NOTHING. He and his wife had raised the money for the Park Fund.

As one of the original members of the Park Committee, I was truly amazed by that claim, especially since he was sworn in, so he was “under oath” to “tell the truth so help me God.” He is complaining about false and inaccurate statement being made?

Watkins got a handsome compensation package as a part time Trustee, but then belittles the all-volunteer efforts? So thanks former Trustee Watkins for AGAIN cutting on these “non-paid” volunteers. That’s the reason why I and many other eventually dropped out.

Watkins did his usual talking about HIMSELF, but failed miserably at actually PROVING the points in his complaint. So the entire Commission voted “unanimously” that there was NO PROBABLE CAUSE! His case was dismissed.

Will “Watchdog” Kern

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