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Don’t bankrupt Baltimore


Much has been written and much said over the last few years relating to the growth of Baltimore and that much of the lavish spending proposed by the Village Administrator, and approved by the Village Council. United States Census for 1960 lists the population of Baltimore as 2,881 and the Census for 2010 lists Baltimore population as 2,996. The growth equals 2.3 persons per year. How about that growth?

It appears that we will have another Village Administrator. As I understand what was explained to me, since we own our own water and sewer systems, we must have either a board of public affairs or village administrator. I am also told that village administrator is the preferred option. I would assume that since the village administrator is a governmental guru that is a better option than having the local citizens involved.

It is a shame that the pay package for a village administrator is not based upon how much they save for the community versus how much they can spend. I still firmly believe that the lavish spending in the recent past will show in the 2011 financial audit. On December 31, 2009, Baltimore’s outstanding debt was listed as $8,281,140.

The Baltimore police levy failed I believe because of the economy. The 2010 census shows that there are 550 senior citizens living in Baltimore and it is likely that a large part of that number are living on Social Security. The costs of living today do not allow these citizens to spend wastefully and I think that seniors and a large number of other citizens said NO because they just cannot afford the additional cost. Did that matter to the Baltimore Village Council? NO!

The only people that can stop the spending are the members of the village council, and rarely they have said NO to the village administrator. How does someone who does not even live here, know what we really need? Do we really need a sewer line into Walnut Township? That is for the growth of Baltimore. Sorry, I forgot.

Village Council members talk about cost increases that have affected the village. Much of those costs involve the expansion of the village employees. Do you remember the service superintendent, a supervisor for the department supervisors? What a waste, but it is gone, as is the person who gave us that duplication.

Why do we even need the village council, since all they seem to do is “rubber stamp” whatever the village administrator wants? If you really care about Baltimore, do the job that you asked to do. Baltimore residents must live within their means, or bad things happen. Why can Baltimore and its various departments not be held to the same standard?

Baltimore police were able to live with their budget until the village started the expansion of that department. Expansion is good, until you cannot afford it, and it is obvious we are at the point. Cleveland, Ohio faced bankruptcy due to spending. Let’s not let that happen in Baltimore.

Charles Lamb

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