2011-12-24 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

Dec. 8: An officer was dispatched to Wood Street on a report that two males were beating on a vehicle with clubs. The officer found no one at the scene, but later the officer spoke with a Reynoldsburg man who said his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend and the new boyfriend’s father assaulted him and beat on his car with a shovel. The new boyfriend and his father said the Reynoldsburg man started the altercation and they were defending themselves.

• Dec. 17: A West 7th Street man was arrested on a warrant out of Newark.

• Dec. 18: A Duke service station employee reported that a motorist left without paying for $37.11 in gasoline.

• Dec. 19: A driver was cited for traveling 50 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.


• Nov. 19: Police were called to assist Buckeye Lake Police at 10:27 p.m. on a report of a fight involving a large number of people at the Leisure Village mobile home park. Police were told to disregard the call en route.

• Nov. 20: Police were called at 12:09 a.m. about several juveniles trying to get into buildings at Canal Park. Police found four juveniles there, but no damage had been done to the buildings. They were warned, sent home and their parents were notified.

• Nov. 20: Police were called at 1:20 a.m. to a Canal Road apartment on a report that some of the juveniles involved in the previous report were bothering the complainant because they though she had reported them to the police. Police advised all parties to stay in their respective apartments for the rest of the night.

• Nov. 20: Police responded to a Greenbriar Lane home on a 9-1- 1 hang-up call. Police found a man laying on the porch, complaining of dizziness. Police called the squad and he was taken to the hospital. Police called a relative to secure the home.

• Nov. 20: Police were called to the Subway restaurant on a report of a suspicious person there. A man had been in the store for more than an hour and had been asking an employee weird questions. He left after police checked his identification.

• Nov. 21: Police handled an alarm drop for the Licking County Sheriff’s Office on O’Neill Drive. The building checked secure.

• Nov. 21: Police were called to the Duke station on the report of a driver leaving without paying for their fuel. Police made contact with the driver who agreed to return and pay for the fuel.

• Feb. 22: A Fairborn, Ohio, woman told police that a vehicle had followed her from Columbus to the Hebron Kroger store. She said the vehicle turned around at Buckeye Outdoors, then head east on US 40. Police checked the area but didn’t see the vehicle.

• Nov. 22: A driver was cited for failure to assure clear distance ahead after striking another vehicle in the rear in front of the Kroger store on US 40.

• Nov. 22: Police were called about a vehicle in a ditch along Ohio 79 near I-70. The vehicle was outside village limits, but the Licking County Sheriff’s Office asked police to check it out. The driver had already called a tow truck.

• Nov. 23: Police tried to stop a vehicle at 4:55 a.m. on Ohio 79 near US 40. The vehicle finally pulled over in a driveway on South High Street. One occupant fled the vehicle, leaving two females in the vehicle. Police asked the Licking County Sheriff’s Office for assistance in searching the area for the driver. One passenger was arrested on a warrant and both will be charged with obstruction. Charges are also pending on the now identified driver. The vehicle was impounded.

• Nov. 23: An elderly driver was cited after her vehicle sideswiped another when she tried to merge into the same lane on East Main Street.

• Nov. 23: Police were called to an Elm Street home on a possible assault and family disturbance. While police were there, a pickup arrived at a high rate of speed, skidding to a stop. The female driver got out in a rage. After being warned repeatedly to calm down, she was arrest for disorderly conduct while intoxicated. The disturbance turned out to be a family verbal dispute with no assault.

• Nov. 23: A North 9th Street resident found an injured hawk and asked police about what to do with it. The man was referred to a wildlife rehabilitator.

• Nov. 23: A Canal Road apartment resident complained that her neighbor was cursing at her child and other children in the neighborhood.

• Nov. 25: A West North Street resident reported that someone left his shed door open and went through his car. Nothing was missing.

• Nov. 25: A North 8th Street resident said someone opened her garage door and took money out of her truck.

• Nov. 25: Police responded to a holdup alarm at the Duke station. A new employee in training accidentally tripped it.

• Nov. 25: A Canal Road apartment resident said he was assaulted in the complex parking lot. He refused medical treatment. Police are investigating.

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