2011-12-24 / News

Another Lakewood drawing in the works

By Scott Rawdon

HEBRON – Lakewood’s camping trailer drawing generated some money to transport athletes, but Lakewood Athletic Director Bo Hanson said an upcoming raffle is bound to generate much more. “

Which is what we’d planned anyway, a second raffle,” he said. Hanson said he and Lakewood Athletic Boosters are pulling together numbers and results from the drawing for a $20,000 camper to present to the Lakewood School Board in January.

Deb Owens from Newark won the camper during the Boosters Night at the Races Dec. 3. Hanson said Owens has a grandchild who is a Lakewood athlete and Owens camps. “It went to somebody local and she will use it and enjoy it.”

The drawing was organized to raise money needed to transport student athletes to and from away games. The goal was to raise a total of $60,000, which included the price of the camper.

Lakewood Athletic Booster President Mark Nichols said the drawing netted a little over $7,000 after the camper’s purchase. It’s a far cry from $40,000, he said, but it’s still a profit. “It’s more money than we had. It’s all good,” said Nichols.

“We learned a lot,” said Nichols, which is exactly why another one is planned for possibly late April or early May.

Hanson said a camper seemed like such a great idea at first, but then people started realizing that ticket buyers were limited to those with sizable pick-up trucks or other vehicles powerful enough to tow the camper. “What a great prize,” he said, but it wasn’t for everyone, and Hanson and Boosters discovered there are many ways to improve upon the camper drawing, which was the Boosters’ first.

This time, Hanson said the plan is to raffle a base model car – something sporty with decent fuel mileage. The plan is also to offer a cash option for people who would like to contribute to the drawing but aren’t interested in the car. He said the next drawing would be organized following Lakewood’s winter break.

Hanson firmly believes another drawing can help the athletic department’s cause, particularly after the experience he and the Boosters gained through the camper drawing. His main goal is for Lakewood athletes to avoid paying sports related fees and if a drawing helps, then things will be raffled. “Our kids get to play sports for nothing,” he said, adding that he wants to keep it that way. “I’m scratching and biting for every penny.”

Nichols agreed that future drawings should be more successful than the camper one. And, even the camper drawing generated some income for the district. “There’s no negative in it,” he said.

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