2011-12-24 / Editorials & Letters

More support for speeding tickets


I would like to reply to the letter written by Kevin Gorham in last week’s Beacon concerning the police department and the fact that they are making traffic stops in the village.

First of all, in the past, there have been numerous complaints from village residents that the police should enforce the village traffic laws more stringently. They are tired of the speeding and disregard for stop signs in the village. Now that they are doing just that, Mr. Gorham complains about it. He inferred that it is hurting business at the Pizza Cottage. Well, it is a shame that Mr. Gorham puts a dollar above the safety and welfare of our children and residents. He also said that Buckeye Lake was becoming a “speed trap.” If Mr. Gorham will just go to his computer and Google the work “entrapment” he would find out just how much he knows about the law.

It is defined as: 1. conduct by a law enforcement agent inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would otherwise have been unlikely to commit, and 2. a defense that claims the defendant would NOT have broken the law if not tricked into doing so by law enforcement officials.

I would like for Mr. Gorham to show one case where a traffic violator was tricked into committing a violation by a Buckeye Lake police officer. As far as the traffic stops hurting his business at the Pizza Cottage, Mr. Gorham has hurt his business by his letter much more than the police have. I have already heard people say that they are not going to the Pizza Cottage again.

I personally encourage the police department to disregard Mr. Gorham’s letter and continue enforcing the village traffic laws and making it more safe for our children and residents.

Dannyel Eskins
Buckeye Lake

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