2011-12-17 / News

New development director resigns

By Scott Rawdon

BUCKEYE LAKE – Buckeye Lake Service Director and Director of Development Daniel Coffman will resign his position effective Dec. 30. He accepted the position in late October. Coffman is leaving the Buckeye Lake position to run for Licking County Commissioner against incumbent Tim Bubb.

“Due to my vision for county government reform I feel it is the best decision that I step down from my position as Service Director and Director of Economic Development for the Village of Buckeye Lake to devote my full attention to the process of reform,” said Coffman in a press release regarding his run for county commissioner. “It has been a great honor to be of service to the community even though it was for such a short time.”

During his campaign, Coffman will promote changing Licking County to a charter form of government, which, if successful, would eliminate several elected positions in favor of appointing or hiring professionals.

Baker said he believed that Coffman’s campaign would compromise the village’s relationship with the county commissioners and other county employees. “That’s the reason,” he said. “We have an excellent relationship with county officials.” Baker said that in particular the county has helped the village fund demolition of derelict houses and it’s very important to him to continue that process.

Monday, Coffman said, “It is with great regret that I have accepted the mayor’s request for my resignation. It has been an honor to work with the Village of Buckeye Lake, even for such a short time, and I was looking forward to the planning and execution of various projects. I knew about a week before the (county commissioner candidacy) filing deadline that the mayor felt that it would not be in the best interest of the village that I be both a parttime director for the village and a candidate for Licking County commissioner.”

Coffman added, “The Village of Buckeye Lake has great potential for creative and planned growth. It has been exciting to piece together a plan that would positively impact the village and it has been an enjoyable experience working out many of the details for planned growth. The Mayor and I have the same vision for the village therefore it is with sadness that I am not able to continue with the work, but, it is the mayor’s purview to direct and administer the village as he sees fit, of which I completely agree. My last day with the village will be Dec. 30.”

Baker said Coffman had “a lot of good ideas,” which Baker may continue to pursue, adding that this week he will have spoken to Park Shai, president and founder of Shai Commercial Ltd. real estate to discuss options with the empty and boarded Buckeye Lake Truck Stop near I-70.

As of Tuesday, Baker was unsure if the village would replace Coffman’s position or divide responsibilities between the remaining administrative employees. “We’re considering all options,” he said, adding that the village will most likely advertise for a new development director but only hire “the perfect” candidate if he or she applies.

“The plan is to keep a thriving community,” said Baker, “and continue the clean-up process.”

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