2011-12-17 / Editorials & Letters

Is Buckeye Lake becoming a speed trap


Are red and blue the new holiday season lights along Ohio 79 in Buckeye Lake Village? They seem to have replaced the traditional red and green.

Unfortunately, these lights are on top of Buckeye Lake Police cruisers. Based on my personal observations and recent police reports in The Beacon, it looks like the southern end of 79 in Buckeye Lake is turning into a speed trap. We had that reputation years ago and it hurt.

Times are tough and small businesses in particular are hurting. Some customers are starting to grouse about all the tickets being written. We can’t afford to drive or scare away our customers, particularly during the holiday season. We also shouldn’t try to balance the police department budget by writing $100+ tickets to our residents and visitors.

Kevin Gorham
Pizza Cottage

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