2011-12-10 / Editorials & Letters

Some sour grapes appear


I recently wrote about how Bowling Green Township officials took our tax dollars and made an after-the-fact motion to pay select volunteers for so called mural artwork “donations”. Unfortunately our soon to be former Trustee Donald Watkins, used the most recent trustees’ meeting to vent all his sour grapes based on the recent decisive ballot box results.

I did not attend this meeting because I felt it would be respectful to give the 30-year trustee the opportunity to step up and take the high road out of office. The meeting was videotaped and I did watch it. It’s posted on TouTube if anyone wants to see it.

Unfortunately, it was just another ramped up Watkins finger pointing session. He said the editor of The Beacon should be run out of town. He went on to fire two long term township workers and singled out the president of our all volunteer park committee by moving to arbitrarily remove her from service.

Watkins talked about liars including my Beacon letter about his practice of paying select volunteers with OUR tax dollars. He also has perfected his story time version of his illegal Medicare reimbursements. Watkins said I was in error referencing his generous donations funded by US! He said the funds used to pay his artist “volunteers ”did not come out of the park fund but rather a different account. That account confirms that he donated OUR tax dollars with his version of personal “generosity”.

The question posed by his proud daughter and recent Beacon letter writer now goes even less answered. What DID the township do with the park committee funds from the commemorative brick flagpole project?

I will wrap up this letter with Mr. Watkins’ exact quote summarizing his selfperception of his three decades of being on paid with OUR taxes. “ I’m not just saying that I do it all but I HAVE.”

I will attend the December meeting to collect Mr. Watkins’ key to the Township Hall. Time will tell if our remaining officials will step up or continue down the Watkins, “this is the way we have always done it” path.

Jeff Chorpenning
Trustee Elect, Bowling Green Twp.

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