2011-11-26 / Editorials & Letters

Village spending critic takes a look at the school district


I have spent the last several weeks discussing the spending of the Village of Baltimore. It appears that many of the voters in Baltimore agreed that the spending in Baltimore needed to change and the result was the overwhelming NO vote on the Baltimore Police Levy.

Now I would like to address another “big” spender that just also happens to be in Baltimore. This one is the Liberty Union-Thurston School District. Voters agreed to build a total of three new schools in our district. I guess that the schools were not enough, and it appears that they also built a new administration building. I guess that since the students get their education in “new” buildings, why not do the same for the administration.

Now it looks as if they may have some additional money left over that they could “save for a rainy day,” but I guess they would rather spend it on a “bus barn.” I came to the Liberty Union School District in 1961, so I know the busses have sat “in the weather” for fifty years. Could someone explain to me why, after 50 years, the bus barn has become necessary?

With taxpayers being forced to “tighten” their personal spending, why can’t the “tax receivers” tighten theirs?

Charles R. Lamb

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