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Buckeye Lake Area Humane Society loses good friend


In the early morning hours of November 10, 2011, our community lost a very special person, Harold J. Metheny. He was a wonderful friend to many, many people and an avid supporter of the Buckeye Lake Area Humane Society (BLAHS).

Harold absolutely loved reading The Beacon and especially “Letters to the Editor.” A couple of years ago, I told Harold that I was thinking of writing a book (which would include all of those “watchdog” letters) to financially help our humane society. He loved the idea and mentioned that he had saved every one of those letters and offered them to me if I needed them.

Harold always had a smile on his face and something interesting to say. In fact, somewhere along Harold’s pathway of life, someone asked him, “What do you old folks do now that you’re retired?” He answered by saying, “Well I’m fortunate to have a chemical engineering background and one of the things I enjoy most is converting beer into urine!”

At Harold’s funeral, one man stood up and said, “Harold was a rebel!” Everyone laughed! The man continued and reminded us all that there are TWO kinds of rebels and that Harold was the “good kind.” And he’s right!

Harold Metheny was a man who would stand up for what was good and what was right! But sometimes that got him in trouble such as when he spoke his mind about certain public officials and, next thing you know, he gets a letter saying the bridge in his driveway wasn’t “safe.” He was told that he needed to hire an engineer to say that it WAS safe before public safety vehicles would come across it! Harold pointed out, “They didn’t need an engineer to say that it WASN’T safe why should I have to pay for an engineer to say that it IS safe?!” The bridge had been there for many years and even a semi hauling a large earth mover (about 30 tons) had crossed it....safely! I’d bet that weighs more than any of their public safety vehicles!

As I said, Harold was a HUGE supporter of the Buckeye Lake Area Humane Society (BLAHS) and, twice a month, he made sure I had a truck to drive to pick up supplies for BLAHS. Harold fed and cared for over 30 cats that were dumped on him by irresponsible, uncaring people. He couldn’t bear to see them go hungry and would have spent his last dime making sure they had what they needed to survive. In fact, he spent hundreds of dollars in food and vet care for them. Most of these cats were safe in Harold’s hands but shame on the people who dumped them on him. He couldn’t save them all. Some of them were too far gone by the time they found Harold. Anyone thinking that a cat can survive without human intervention is sorely mistaken. Not only is it inhumane to dump cats, it is also CRIMINAL according to the Ohio Revised Code (959.01).

BLAHS will take over the care for Harold’s cats and try to re-home them. We will set up a fund titled “Harold’s Helping Hands” for anyone wanting to donate to help with the costs of food and medical care for these cats. You can donate online at www.BuckeyeLakeAreaHS.org; by U.S. mail to BLAHS, P.O. Box 1502, Buckeye Lake, OH 43008; or call 740-527-0661 to give one of these cats or kittens a home. Harold...my friend......I will miss you! R.I.P.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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