2011-11-05 / Editorials & Letters

Yates responds to conflict claims


As I contemplate my response to a “conflict of interest” concern its Trick-or- Treat night in Millersport. I’m thinking how ironic it is to be answering to people in disguise.

The “conflict of interest” concern is answered with ORC 505.011 (Trustee may serve as a volunteer firefighter or policeman). I intend to be transparent to the Ohio Ethics Commission and ask that they render their opinion allowing me to continue in some capacity as a volunteer for either or both fire departments.

The concern that my ability to make decisions concerning both fire departments is a “conflict of interest” is unfounded. With my years of experience, I know a forced under-the-table consolidation of the two fire departments WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE will not work. I will get the best return on our tax dollars by KEEPING ALL THREE STATIONS OPEN and by proving that you can’t get more cost effective than to have professional, highly educated volunteers.

William R. (Bill) Yates
Candidate for Walnut Township

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