2011-11-05 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says signs are misleading


As a concerned citizen of Franklin Township I have two concerns about the two issues on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Levy signs, like the one in the above photo, state that they are paid for by Franklin Township Trustees. Did the trustees use their own personal funds to pay for these signs OR did they pay for the signs out of taxpayer funds? Taxes can not be used to promote levies.

The second issue is what the sign says...“support renewal…” The actual ballotlanguagesayseachisa2mill“replacement” levy for a “continuing period of time” which is ballot language for permanent.

Unfortunately, most voters won’t take the time to read the ballot language. After seeing these signs, many will believe that the two levies will be renewed for another three to five years, not forever.

I believe our trustees have an obligation to accurately advertise their intentions. That hasn’t happened in this case. I just want Franklin Township voters to understand what they are voting for – permanent two mill levies for fire protection and roads.

Charles O. Tisdale Sr.
Franklin Township

Editor’s Note: This letter is being published after considerable deliberation as an exception to our no election letters policy in the last issue before an election. First, it involves issues, not candidates so one candidate is not getting an advantage over another. Secondly, we strongly believe that governmental bodies seeking taxes have an obligation to accurately describe the tax and how it will be collected. That hasn’t happened here.

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