2011-11-05 / Editorials & Letters

Watkins responds to letters


In response to opinions published in last week’s Beacon:

Regarding trash collection: The citizens of Bowling Green Township elect trustees to make decisions in the best interest of the township. We are not trying to take away your right to choose your service provider; however, by using one company throughout the township, we can reduce the number and frequency of heavy trucks using our roads. This reduces wear and tear on roads and prolongs surface life. We negotiated a very low rate of $11.25/month.

Regarding Medicare: In 2008, a fellow trustee attempted to have me removed from office because he believed the township illegally reimbursed me for Medicare premiums. Bowling Green Township had established this procedure in 2001 for an elected official other than myself. It was approved by the Licking County Prosecutor, adopted by the Township Trustee Board, and was consistent with the way many Ohio townships handled Medicare. When I became eligible for Medicare, I was reimbursed according to this pre-established procedure. A 2005-2006 audit by both the State Auditor and an independent auditing firm revealed no findings against this practice.

Don Watkins
Bowling Green Township

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