2011-11-05 / Editorials & Letters

Chorpenning responds to letters


Thanks to The Beacon for this opportunity to respond to letters in last week’s Beacon from my political opponent’s daughter and his next door neighbor. I sincerely commend them both for putting their names on their criticisms in contrast to the anonymous attacks in 2009. I am not defensive about them for they have THEIR opinions.

They observe through their thought bubble with selective memory, specifically about physical labors they claim were ALL done by my opponent. Their reality is formed by making up a story and repeating it until they believe it themselves.

To specifically answer Ms. Elliot’s question about flagpole funds, her father, Trustee Watkins, used the hard earned park committee cash to pay for his personal artist “volunteers” to paint wall murals with zero input from the public. It’s public record.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township

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