2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Yates supports the common good


I strongly urge voters to support Bill Yates for Walnut Township Trustee on November 8th.

Bill will be a trustee that will represent all the communities of Walnut Township without bias and with the good of the entire township in mind. He will be a trustee that represents ALL with fairness and good judgment. Bill will listen when concerns are brought to the trustees and he will treat everyone in our township with respect and consideration.

Bill Yates will be a trustee that will have his facts straight and not play games with the safety and security of Walnut Township. When Bill Yates gives his word we will be able to count on it.

I have known Bill Yates for many years and worked hand in hand with him on various efforts in our Township. I have never seen him give up on a cause when the going gets tough. As the saying goes... that’s when he gets going. He has been an example to me personally to stay the course when facing adversity when going after a good cause in our community. He has shown me that it has to be about the common good of the goal, not about me.

I am confident that Bill Yates is a trustee that will be informed and a trustee that we can trust. I urge you to support him on November 8th.

Dina Reasoner

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