2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Writer to Baltimore: Stop the spending


I finally have seen a response from a private citizen, and the thoughts expressed are my same feelings.

It appears that all branches of government do not want to live within their means. The positive review of the Baltimore Police Department was a glowing one, and for the most part, I agree. They do a good job, but money is hard to come by these days. Do what we do…live within your means.

By the way, do you not wonder why a person who “may or may not” live in Baltimore and who “may or may not” be subject to the new tax be interested in this issue? When you spend your entire adult life receiving a paycheck that is funded by taxpayers, you have a different view of taxes.

Just say NO!!! Demand that Baltimore quit trying to become something that we are not. Give us back the town that we had before. Stop the Spending.

Charles Lamb

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