2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Vote ‘Yes’ for police levy


I am writing this letter in support of the Baltimore Police Levy. I have lived in Baltimore all of my life and take pride in telling people that I live in a town that is safe for children to live. Here are a few reasons as to why I am supporting this levy:

• Earlier this year Baltimore Police investigated and apprehended a sexual predator that was luring children into his home by enticing them with video games and tobacco products. Thanks to BPD’s quick response and diligence, no children were harmed and this pedophile is in prison.

• This summer a bicycle was stolen from my yard. I called Baltimore Police to report it and the suspect was already in custody and the bicycle was recovered.

• Three years ago, BPD, LU Schools and a partial state grant allowed for a resource officer to be placed in the school and community to educate students through the DARE program and assist school administrators with behavioral/criminal issues.

To maintain the type of protection we have come to expect, please vote yes for the Baltimore Police levy on Tuesday, November 8. For only $9.79 per month. Baltimore Police officers can continue to “protect and serve” this wonderful community we call home.

Angela Landis

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