2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Yates


Bill Yates has spent countless hours volunteering and serving Walnut Township for many years. He works with senior citizens, high school seniors and spends many hours serving and leading the Millersport Fire Department.

When you speak to Bill, he will tell you that there is no personal gain. He wants to unite and bring back professionalism and creditability to the Walnut Township meetings by making them more productive and less confrontational. He wants to be more receptive to public opinion and be openminded. He wants to stabilize and balance the township budget and keep it that way. He wants a deeper investigation into the health impact of the proposed landfill on Ohio 37.

Bill’s leadership experience ad dedication will allow him to serve Walnut Township as a professional trustee you can trust. He will make sound decisions on budget and procedural issues.

Vote for Yates on Nov. 8

Jeff Runkle, Belinda Runkle,
Vic Runkle, Terri R. Runkle,
Keith Eschbaugh, Shelly Register
and Debra Eschbaugh
Walnut Township

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