2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Holman Lynch


I am writing to express my support for Andrea Holman Lynch for Licking Township Fiscal Officer. It is time for a change in Licking Township.

It is time for the duties of this position to be brought up to speed and kept current so that the Licking Township Trustees can make informed decisions. It is time for someone to be fully engaged in the fiscal responsibilities that this position requires. It is time the Fiscal Officer’s role becomes proactive instead of reactive. It is time for someone that can devote the necessary effort and give this position the 110% that it deserves .

That person is Andrea Holman Lynch. She has the experience, the committment, the tenacity, and the work ethic to give the position of Fiscal Officer, the time and labor necessary to deliver positive results. Join me in voting for Andrea Holman Lynch for Licking Township Fiscal Officer on November 8th.

John Holman
Licking Township Resident

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