2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Levies should not be permanent


I am writing as a concerned Franklin Township citizen. The wording on proposed tax levies #5 and #6 is misleading unless you read it carefully. Previous tax levies were generally set for a period of time like three or five years.

Levies #5 and #6 on the Nov. 8 ballot states that the “replacement” tax is “...for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2012...”

“ Continuing” means it is would become a permanent levy on Franklin Township property owners. This is not the democratic way. All tax requests should be justified in writing and presented to voters on a periodic basis. Franklin Township residents should have the ability to accept or reject taxes based on current need and not a forever tax burden without any justification to continue the tax.

If these levies are approved, the taxes will be permanent. Any future tax levy will be added to them.

Can Franklin Township residents afford a “forever” tax, never to have the right to review the need for this tax? Vote “No” on permanent taxes and insist that the levies be renewals for no more than three years. Taxpayers must have the right to approve or disapprove taxes based on justified needs at that time, not for forever!

Shirley Tisdale
Franklin Township

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