2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Holman Lynch endorsed for fiscal officer


I am writing to support Andrea Holman Lynch for Licking Township Fiscal Officer. I have known Andrea for going on 20 years, the last six plus as my wife.

She comes from a good family with strong values. These are the same values I have watched her instill in our two young children. These are the same values that led to several promotions and becoming a successful supervisor. These are the same values she would bring to this position.

She is dedicated, hard-working, pays attention to detail, does more than the minimum, and is fiscally prudent with our finances. In my opinion, it would be refreshing for the trustees to have a Fiscal Officer that prepares meeting minutes in a timely fashion, attends meetings on a more frequent basis, provides the webmaster with updates, and protects township assets and tax-payer dollars by making sure we are adequately insured and properly invested. The energy she has displayed in her campaign is but a glimpse of the energy she will display over the next four years, if given the opportunity. She will bring accountability back to accounting. I thank you in advance for your attention, your support, and your vote on November 8th.

Jonathan Lynch
Licking Township

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