2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Daughter proud of Trustee Watkins


I am responding to the letters from Will Kern and Barb Wiseman.

To Mr. Kern: First of all, you don’t even live in this township anymore! All readers can go to the Court of Common Pleas, Licking County, and look up Case No. 08 CV 1910. They can read for themselves Judge Marcelain’s decision regarding Medicare reimbursement.

To Ms. Wiseman: Regarding the ‘more than one’ grant written, I can find only one grant from the Department of Natural Resources for one porch swing. I would also like to know more about the commemorative bricks. How many have been sold and why hasn’t the Park Committee provided funds for the flag pole so the bricks can be installed? By the way, the part and community center were already established before your favorite former trustee was in office.

It appears to me that hose who are being ‘disrespectful’ are thoe doing the name-calling (Good Old Boys) and constantly harassing an honest, hard-working trustee. Trustee Watkins has been Bowling Green Township’s biggest volunteer. When it snows, he is the one running the snowplow; when potholes need filled, he is the one with the shovel. He mows the park and cleans the building after it has been rented. It is sad to see a few people stirring up so much trouble on a relentless witch hunt.

If I sound pro-Watkins, I am. You see, he is my dad and I am very proud of the work he does for Bowling Green Township.

Terri Elliott

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