2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Chorpenning deserves support


I am a regular Beacon reader and am sometimes annoyed yet sometimes amused by the “Old Boy Networks” This and the Watchdog Critic’s That. I decided to do my own fact check on all this press on the insurance theft by life termer Trustee Watkins. His daddy before him did the job so it is his birth right after all. M. Vermillian’s recent letter bashing Chorpenning by labeling him “disrespectful” inspired me to write the Beacon again.

Being from the Old School myself, I just went along with what I was told to do come past elections. Not so fast this time, I met Chorpenning and he is definitely not disrespectful. This prompted me to look into the claim of Watkins stealing our money. It was illegal; he did it and kept it! It’s a no brainer to me this time around.

I vote for returning some professionalism; it is time to return the man of courage. Watkins had no business telling us all we had to use Big O for our trash. I am tired of My “Old Boys” telling me what to do and what is best for ME! This time around I vote yes for Chorpenning. He is a polite man and deserves our support in cleaning up the stupidity. Watkins had no business taking our money and not paying it back. The three yes men are not serving us well.

A concerned citizen and a thinking person out here in reader land.

Jen Hensler
Bowling Green Towship

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