2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

Baltimore Police levy is called a wise investment


I was undecided about the Baltimore Police levy until recently. What finally made my decision was reading the letters from Charles “Bob” Lamb. If he is an example of those that do not support the levy then clearly I need to vote for it. Mr. Lamb seems to distort or misrepresent facts as he goes and resorted to personal attacks on our police officers and their families.

Mr. Lamb seemed to forget that OUR Baltimore Police investigated, stopped and arrested a pedophile who had targeted local children before another child became his victim. This pedophile has over 170,000 photos of child pornography. He also has a memory lapse when it comes to the investigation of a local bank robbery that was solved by OUR police with a potentially dangerous criminal in jail in two days.

I guess Mr. Lamb also forgot about the arrest of home burglars after OUR police tracked them through the snow. That arrest cleared up local burglaries and several in other locations. This is a short list of the work that our police officer do every day. Also Mr. Lam, what about the hours that OUR police spend teaching DARE and other safety classes to the children of Baltimore?

I suppose you are going to call me a politician for mentioning children. I can only call myself a parent and grandfather. Less than $10 a month to sleep soundly at night is a cheap investment in Baltimore.

Harold Kraft

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