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Perry County: Candidates in their own words

LAKE AREA – To help readers make their choices on Nov. 8, The Beacon surveyed candidates in contested lake-area races.

Each candidate was asked to explain in 150 words or less the two most important issues facing the office being sought and how they would address them if elected. Candidates were also asked to explain in 50 words or less why voters should support them. Word limits were strictly enforced and some responses may have been edited to meet the limit.

This week features lake area Perry County candidates. None of the Hopewell Township candidates responded nor did the two candidates for Thornville mayor.

Northern Local School Board

(two to be elected)

Charlotte Ashcraft

1. We need parents as representatives in our district. The voice of the parent is not being heard. Decisions are being made that impact all our families but the typical parent is not being heard, is not being recognized. We, the parents of this district, should be making the educational choices for our children and it is our voice that should be heard.

In this age of technology and media outlets our school district needs to improve communication. We need more public discussion at meetings on issues that affect our families, like the school calendar. Major changes in the school calendar affect all our families. Family commitments like church camps, youth camps, fairs, youth employment, vacations, and other family events had been made prior to the major shift in the calendar and most families were shocked to learn of the changes and the special meeting that was called to vote on it.

2. My son has been a student at Northern Local since kindergarten. I have served in the district as a parent volunteer and as a PTO member and president. Not only do I want to give back to the community, but I want to be an important part of my child’s education.

Dale DeRolph

1. My #1 concern is school funding. The cut of 12.3% in funding from the State, which includes the loss of stimulus money, the roughly $1,800,000 in uncollected real estate taxes in our district, and possible approval of House Bill 136 (vouchers), are huge financial burdens. We must continue to apply political pressure to #1. Enforce the complete overhaul of the current method of school funding as ordered by the Ohio Supreme Court, #2. Force local officials to aggressively collect delinquent real estate taxes, #3. Defeat HB 136 as it would create budgeting and forecasting nightmares for school treasurers.

My #2 concern is growth in enrollment. Our Excellent With Distinction rating and our proximity to Columbus will continue to create the potential for growth in our area. We must closely watch the housing developments and make land, housing and additional staffing decisions in properly managing our resources for this growth.

2. My 37 years of experience in the local financial services world, my 8 years of experience on the Board, my involvement in the community, and my sincere concern for the education of our children merits my reelection to your Northern Local School Board. Thank you for your continued support.

Nancy Fox

1. Northern Local Schools strive to maintain our high level of academics. The goals and standards set by the state are top priority in our planning for the future. We provide education to our staff in development and are implementing co-teaching. We will continue to prepare our students for the next level of education.

School funding is also an issue for all school systems. Our administration works well with the Board of Education, taking a proactive approach in reducing cost and making adjustments to our budget. School funding changes on a regular basis and we are trying to prepare for what may happen in the future.

2. I ask for your vote. I am running for my fourth term on the Northern Local Board of Education. I feel our school system is a great place to learn. Both of my children have received an excellent education. I will continue to work to make our schools the best.

Thorn Township Fiscal Officer Billie Dearlove

During my years as your fiscal officer, I have always kept the best interests of township residents as a top priority. It my responsibility to make sure that our that township funds are managed, budgeted and spent according to fiscal policies and that these comply with the ORC. My bi-annual audits with the State Auditor show that I am qualified and it is certainly my desire to continue serving my community. I would appreciate your support on November 8.

Jason Emmert

Did not respond.

Thorn Township Trustee Dick Boring

1. Funding is and will be for the next few years the biggest issue we have to deal with. We will have to make cuts when and where we can to continue to operate the township in a responsible manner and see that we continue to give the residents of the township the services they have come to expect.

Fire and EMS are a big part of our responsibilities. As a trustee, I worked hard to see your new fire station become a reality. This was all done with no new taxes to you the residents. We will be having part-time help starting in October. I hope you will support me so that I may continue with this project and see it reach its full potential.

2. I think in my first term I have shown that I have the ability to solve problems when they come up, handle the financial responsibility of a trustee and listen when residents have problems. I am here as your representative in the township and my door is always open. Please fee free to give me a call.

Bob Coleman

1. I believe economic development and public safety are the two most important issues for Thorn Township.

Our location near the interstate and the ample resources in our township create abundant opportunities for orderly growth and new jobs. The Route 13 corridor between the interstate and Somerset is an ideal location to create or expand business. Our trustees need to partner with state and local leaders to market our township and all it has to offer. The trustees took a good first step in providing fire and EMS protection during the work week, ut we need to expand that if we expect to attract businesses here.

2. I have owned and operated my own business in Thorn Township for 19 years. I have served the township on the zoning commission.

I would like the opportunity to make our township better and to take advantage of our location and our people to grow jobs and futures. I know how to reach out to others who share my vision for growth and to work tirelessly to accomplish these goals. I ask for your support.

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