2011-10-22 / Editorials & Letters

It’s the last chance to keep our historical parks


On November 8, Fairfield County voaters will choose to have the Fairfield County Historical Parks District become a part of our continuing history or make them history as in, “You’re history!”

Thorough investigation of the economics behind the parks’ survival makes good dollar sense. For a taxpayer outlay of less than $1.50 per month ($100,000 property valuation) the return is the preservation of an $8-million dollar set of park properties that extend into 10 of the county’s 13 townships. And the records seem to indicate that these pieces of our proud heritage would attract tourists’ dollars purchasing accommodations, restaurants, merchandise, and accompanying services.

My sense is that most Fairfield Countians believe it is important to leave a legacy that makes our children and grandchildren beneficiaries of what nature and history have bestowed upon us.

Since this is the last opportunity to save our historic parks, no need to preach to the choir. We do invite any and all converts and especially the well-intended procrastinators who have sat on the sidelines thinking there would always be another chance to save the parks. Apathy and indifference have met a dead-line and there is an immediacy to close ranks with those who have persisted and remained loyal during the previous ten campaigns. We can do it!

A genuine quality of life includes a knowledge of, interest in, and appreciation for our local heritage.

Be on the right side of history. Yes on the Fairfield County Historical Parks District!

Jim N. Reed

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