2011-10-22 / Editorials & Letters

Baltimore voters have a choice


I stated earlier that I was done, but then we have had two rebuttal letters. I’m responding since both writers are either police officers, or a family member.

Baltimore Police “do their own investigations”…well so does the Sheriff’s Office and we pay for that also. If the police chief wants to see a large budget and lots of officers, he should have stayed at Westerville.

Baltimore taxpayers cannot afford your “dream” department. By the way, “crimes against children in Baltimore”…you should have been a politician, since whenever they really want you to vote for their idea, they always say that “it is for the children.”

Concerning expenditures, if the communities you list spend that money, It’s their choice. Baltimore taxpayers now have their choice. I spoke with a person from the Auditor’s office, and the “GAAP” procedures comments are correct. Where did you get your information? I’ll bet that someone in the village administration provided that information.

I see one yard sign that “supports” the police levy, and that is in the yard of a village employee. Is there any support that is coming from the people that will be taxed to pay for this? I cannot wait until 12/31/2011 for Baltimore to be audited so that we can again be able to see how much money is being spent on “Protection of Persons and Property,” since the costs that were the basis for the facts discussed, were TWO years old.

Charles R. Lamb

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