2011-10-15 / Editorials & Letters

Yates supported for trustee


Voters in Walnut Township have a choice to make on Nov. 8. Do they want to keep the status quo on the township board of trustees, or do they want to add a fresh perspective to that body?

I recommend the latter, and urge electing Bill Yates as trustee. As a long time resident and through his long time association with Walnut Township schools and his extensive experience as a fire fighter and now fire chief Bill has learned fiscal responsibility, how to set priorities, problem-solving skills and the importance of honesty and integrity.

Bill is a life long resident and is familiar with the issues facing the township and communities.

He is energetic and has a positive attitude. He also understands the importance of working as part of a team to solve problems. According to Yates, there is a new renaissance going on in the township. There is a need for civic leadership to take care of the infrastructure and to ensure long-term financial security, but he acknowledges that residents must be kept informed of the problems as well as how they are being solved.

Because of his demonstrated ability to communicate, lead and work with others, Bill Yates earns my endorsement for Walnut Township trustee.

Rick Dupler
Walnut Township

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