2011-10-15 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Holman Lynch


To the Voters of Licking Township:

It is time for a change in the office for Licking Township Fiscal officer. We need someone who is vested in the community and who is willing to put in the required time. That person is Andrea Holman Lynch.

Andrea has been a resident of Licking Township for 35 years. I have personally known Andrea for 20+ years. Andrea graduated from Lakewood High School and The Ohio State University. She previously worked for State Farm and is currently a substitute school teacher in Licking County.

Andrea is ready to take on the job and provide accurate financial reports for our trustees, so informed decisions can be made for our community. Andrea is committed to being a good steward of the finances and investments of Licking Township. Join me in voting for Andrea Holman Lynch.

Rae Carbaugh

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