2011-10-15 / Editorials & Letters

Leith supported for trustee


I submit this letter asking Walnut Township voters to show their support to Doug Leith and vote for him in the upcoming election for trustee. I have known him and his family for many years. He will make a great trustee because he knows our township and unlike his opponent, has no “axe to grind” against anyone or group.

I also firmly believe his opponent has a tremendous conflict of interest as one of the township fire chiefs. Ethically, how can he vote on future township motions? The other thing I have a problem with was Trustee Terry Horn submitting a letter to The Beacon endorsing his opponent a few weeks before the filing deadline. What do these two guys have planned?

Mr. Leith has the business sense needed to make the tough decisions. He will do what is best for everyone in Walnut Township. We are very lucky to have someone of his caliber running for trustee. Please vote for him on Nov. 8.

Dean Marcum

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