2011-10-15 / Editorials & Letters

Chorpenning called disrespectful


In reference to the upcoming Bowling Green Township election between Don Watkins and Jeff Chorpenning, I admire a person who will jump in to help and who is not afraid of a little hard work. But Chorpenning is not such an individual regardless of the picture he and his supporters attempt to paint.

I grew up in an era where hard work was respected and admired, not criticized by being called names such as Good Old Boy or GOB’s as Chorpenning and his supporters call this group of extremely hard working individuals. I call them hard working, blue-collared, red-blooded American men who care about and are proud of the wonderful job they do. Good Old Boys Mr. Chorpenning GOB’s? Do you really feel this way about our public workers who are also our brothers, sons, husbands, fathers and grandfathers? This open lack of respect is sickening.

Don Watkins truly and passionately cares about this township and all individuals living here. He truly and passionately cares about doing the right thing and doing what is best for those of us who are affected by his decisions. Unfortunately, I do not think Chorpenning will do what is best for his constituents. Instead, he cares only for himself, his supporters, and those who agree with his decisions.

There is absolutely no doubt that Don Watkins will continue to make decisions based on what is best for our township, and all of the citizens of this township, not just a small core group of supporters.

R M Vermillion

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