2011-10-08 / Editorials & Letters

‘Watchdog’ wonders why accident details weren’t discussed


I heard an interesting story recently about how the township’s new truck (delivered August 2010) was damaged last winter. Apparently one of our GOB trustees (Watkins) backed the truck into a tree stump, damaging it enough that it had to be towed. It was then out of commission for several weeks, during the winter season.

I wondered why this incident had never come up at a trustees’ meeting. So at last month’s meeting, I asked the fiscal officer to give me copies of any invoices or documents concerning this incident. She gave me an invoice at this month’s meeting.

Yes, the story was indeed true! The truck had been in the shop and the damage was quite extensive. They had to replace the entire rear axle housing, to the tune of $5,725.72...WOW! So this month, I asked why this issue was never even mentioned at a meeting. THE ANSWER? No real answer really...but Trustee VanBuren did say he had not seen the invoice yet! Say what? Seven months later? It gets better, he indicated that he did not care, since the insurance company paid the bill. Apparently it’s OK, since we (taxpayers) only had to foot the bill for the deductible! Interestingly, GOB Watkins for once said nothing. I’m quite sure he will think of something profound....eventually!

It demonstrates once again that the GOB’s will hide anything if it reflects poorly on one of them. Had the driver been former Trustee Chorpenning, the whole township would have heard about within a week. Plus he would have been berated and belittled to no end at each trustees’ meeting thereafter by them and their friends.

Will “Watchdog” Kern

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