2011-10-08 / Editorials & Letters

Chorpenning supported for trustee


So Jeff Chorpenning is running again for Bowling Green Township Trustee. Well good!! Let me congratulate him for his courage to go up against the old boy regime once more. I believe Jeff truly understands the meaning of the word “trustee” and behaves accordingly. He also expects the same high standard of behavior from the group as a whole.

As a former trustee, Jeff brought sunshine nto the meetings by demanding that all the actions of the trustees in their official capacity be recorded and made available to the public. The web site he started made it easier for citizens to stay informed about what the trustees were doing. If nothing else, that should discourage shenanigans and instill confidence by the Bowling Green Township citizens in their elected officials.

Jeff has a strong work ethic and a good deal of business experience, so, us citizens of Bowling Green Township will bet their money’s worth and more. Good luck, Jeff Chorpenning.

Shirley Haynes
Bowling Green Township

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